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Largely intact from the earthquake that devastated Kefalonia in 1953, Fiscardo retains the architecture and ambience of times bygone – an era when the Venetians were the island’s rulers supreme. With a luscious green background and rows of pastel-coloured buildings, this scenic little port is a yachtsman’s paradise lined up with luxury vessels and sailing boats.

It is also a foodie destination with an array of high-end restaurants and tavernas serving the freshest catch of the day. There are moreover several arts and crafts shops for some pre-or after-dinner browsing. The area’s characteristically indented coastline sports numerous secret coves and bays surrounded by thickly forested hills – and the best way to explore them is by hiring one of the boats in Fiscardo.


At less than a 10 minutes drive from Fiscardo Villas, Emplysi is one of the most popular beaches in northern Kefalonia. Boasting crystalline waters against the backdrop of glistening rocks and a forested hillside with olive and cypress trees, it’s scenic and quite crowded, though unorganised.

Alaties Beach

Meaning “salty” in Greek, Alaties is a fiord-like, small sandy beach some 6 minutes drive from Fiscardo Villas. The scenery is quite magical, with crystalline turquoise waters and a fascinating seabed begging for explorations. Though the beach is not organized, it sports its own taverna.

Ai Jerusalem Beach

Ai Jerusalem at 4.6 km from Fiscardo Villas, is a beautiful pebbly beach with crystal clear waters that are great for snorkelling. Named after the small chapel that used to stand on the edge of the beach, it’s a little off the beaten track and therefore not particularly crowded. It also boasts a charming old-fashioned taverna with home-cooked delicacies.

Myrtos Beach

Myrtos is Kefalonia’s calling card. Featuring in magazine covers, posters, calendars, postcards and souvenirs, while systematically voted among the best beaches worldwide, this heavenly blue bay sports a striking scenery with towering cliffs and snow-white sands. It is approximately 30km north of Argostoli and some 30 minutes away from Fiscardo Villas.


Less than half an hour’s drive away from Fiscardo Villas, Assos Village has Venetian ruins, traditional, colourful houses and narrow alleys with blooming foliage and old churches. Exceedingly quaint and very popular, It is located on a bay with two pebbly beaches, a larger one with loungers and a smaller one without. Both sports picturesque views and crystalline waters, ideal for snorkelling.

Foki Beach

At a 4,5 km distance from Fiscardo Villas, Foki is a beautiful inlet with white pebbles, surrounded by a thick forest of cypresses and olive trees, reaching down to emerald waters. The name comes from the frequent appearance of the monk seal (Fokia in Greek) Monachus Monachus. There are no sun loungers but there is a nice taverna nearby.

Dafnoudi Beach

The paradisiacal Dafnoudi Beach is located in the far north of the island of Kefalonia, less than 10 minutes drive away from Fiscardo Villas. Quite tiny and hidden by a beautiful forest, It boasts gleaming white pebbles and crystalline seas. To get there you have to cross a path that’s not too difficult to walk at and which should take you no more than 15 minutes.

Kimilia Beach

Once a well-kept local secret, Kimilia Beach, some 8 minutes drive away from Fiscardo Villas, is now clearly signposted and not-so-secret anymore. It is pebbled, with characteristic turquoise waters and surrounded by untamed nature. To reach it, you should leave your car in the village of Germenata, and continue on foot on the small path for about 10 minutes.
There are no facilities so you should pack a picnic, water and an umbrella.

Agia Sofia

Some 23 km away from Fiscardo Villas, Agia Sofia is where you’ll find serenity even in the busy days of August. The scenery is a mix of virgin nature with olive trees almost touching down to sea level and old houses and building remains. The beach is not organised but in high season there is a small taverna serving simple food and coffee.

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